Club Trip #1 Nakskov
11.05.2023 kl. 16.00 - 14.05.2023 kl. 24.00

Nakskov Fjord might be underrated, bit  it´s an excellent surf spot in prevailing west winds, with the perfect depth for both windsurfers and kitesurfers of all levels. Nearby alternative spots in other wind directions are within driving distance, including Albuen or easterly wind direction spots. Not bad at all, we think!

We will stay in small huts at Nakskov Fjord Camping, right at the fjord beach. Huts will host about 3 people with sleeping accomodation on a mezzanine, a double room and a sofa bed in the small common area.

After a good day of surfing (dust off those winter bodies!) we will treat ourselves with a communal dinner (included in both regular and social ticket) and lots of socialising with fellow surfers.

Water still too cold, we hear you say? Fear not, this trip includes sauna time and the Helgoland signature bonfire night.

Hut cleaning is included in the price. 
Klubmodul registration will open on wednesday, April 12th at 20.00. 

We will use a Facebook event for any digital communication during the trip.
Find the group here:

We are so, so stoked to open the Lolland surf season with you :) :)! 
Æloha from the organizers

Helgoland Surfers