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CANCELLED Club Trip #3 - Lynæs or....
Update from the organisers: We have decided to organise this trip as a &quotjoker trip" This means that the trip will be simple and back-to-basics and that we will wait until approx. Wednesday 2019-08-21 in deciding the details of when, how and where to go. Favorite destinations include Lynæs and Farø, but a different destination may be chosen. Decisions will be made depending on prevailing wind conditions. Accommodation is planned to be in tents, cars and/or camping huts, depending on chosen location. The trip will be open to registration as of tonight 2019-08-13 and a fee of 250 DKK will be charged. This fee will be returned should the trip be cancelled due to lack of wind. Æloha from the organisers, Daniel, Mads, Per
Lynæs, Farø, Albuen? - If the wind permits (more about that later in the mail so keep reading)
The intention is that we meet at the club on Friday 23rd Aug in the afternoon (15:00) To be confirmed. Pack up and drive to where the wind is.
We will make sure that the spot will suit ALL from Beginner to Racer, Kiter or Windsurfer.
Bring your own of course OR if you do not have we''''ll empty the club :-) You will be responsible for packing what you need (We will be there to guide of course, but check out the forecast in advance so you are somewhat prepared on which quiver to pack)
F&B (Food and Beverage)
Will be organized- and paid separately by the participants on site.
The Club will rent a van for gear (Could you consider driving it/co-driving perhaps?), but we will also need cars to carry eager surfers and a roof rack is always welcome so please put that in the remarks when you sign up.
The Club will reimburse fuel and ferry costs for any full (with surfers) car against receipts. (You fuel up when we leave and again when we get back.)
Practical stuff
We will decide a few days in advance based on weather forecast to where the journey will go and if we go at all. That also means that we have not yet settled on accomodation, but we thought it could be fun to go "back to basics" and do it camping style. We will check in with camping sites in the area :-)
The signup via the EVENT section on www.helgolandsurfers.dk is binding and non-refundable, but hey this is a trip you don’t want to miss out on anyway. Event is live. Should the event be cancelled we will of course refund you the sign up fee asap. Further communication and arrangements on the FB event so sign up to it there -)
Please make a note under remarks whether you have a car, are wind- or kite-surfer and if you will be using own- or clubgear -)

Hang Loose
Mads, Per & Daniel and the rest of Your Tour-Team 
13 /25
23.08.2019 kl. 15.00 - 25.08.2019 kl. 21.00
Somewhere close and windy
254,00 kr.
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