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Welcome to the June edition of the Helgoland Surfers newsletter. We have a lot of exciting news, so read on if you want to stay updated with everything happening at the club now and for the next couple of weeks.


1. New season, new board & general assembly

A huge thanks to everyone who attended our General Assembly at the club on May 11th. It’s always amazing to see how many of you are an active and engaged part of the club.

A lot of things were discussed and approved on the General Assembly and here are a few highlights: The budget for our very important “Vision 2025” project was approved which means that the board can now get started on this project to ensure that Helgoland Surfers can stay on our location at Amager Strandpark. Another new thing was an approved budget to get three complete wing foil sets for the club this season. We also said goodbye to half of the members of the board and welcomed five new members who are getting settle into the jobs at hand.

The Helgoland Surfers board now consists of:
Mette Bryder (Chairman)
Piotrek Wasilewski (Vice Chairman)
Louise Bro (Secretary)
Kristian Lyngsø Holst (Treasurer)
Lars Manfeld Andersen (Treasurer)
Mads Christensen (Responsible for kitesurf gear)
Renzo Nicolás Daziano (Responsible for windsurf gear)
Gunnar Stumm (Responsible for windsurf gear)
Per Steffen (Alternate and responsible for kitesurf gear and club trips)

If you weren’t able to attend the General assembly, you can find the abstract here: Referat Helgoland Surfers Generalforsamling_2021


2. Windsurf gear update and repairs

Thanks to our hard-working members, the windsurf gear is now completely ready for a fantastic season. Last week all mast extensions and booms were cleaned and got new lines, and masts and fins were checked to see if any needed repair. As always repairs are done throughout the season – so please notify us on helgolandsurfers@gmail.com, if you damage any gear or find anything damaged at the club – that’s the only way we can repair it.

Windsurf boards are now marked with volume and fin size which is written on the back of the boards. All the fins have new screw sets and are now placed on the wall. If you find a fin without a new screw + metal washer and rubber/Teflon washer, please take one from the pocket on the wall and make sure to use only the screwdrivers from the wall marked pz3then they will last for a long time.











3. Beginner workshops and courses

Our fantastic team of instructors is ready to get all beginners and new club members started and on the water. During the next couple of months, there will be approximately two workshops and courses every week. It’s first-come, first-served, so make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook group and remember to sign up on Klubmodul, if you want to attend the workshops.


4. Housewarming

During the last year, our clubhouse has gotten quite the makeover thanks to our amazing team “Dream Clubhouse”. And since it’s finally summer, our Tour & Events Teams are inviting all members to a Housewarming party at the club on Saturday, June 12th. As always this is a great way to meet your fellow surfers and get social. We hope to see you for some sun, fun, music, BBQ, and drinks. Sign up for the Housewarming on Klubmodul before June 9th. 











5. Redbull Midsummer Vikings Race

On June 19-20th the second edition of Redbull Midsummer Vikings will take place at Amager Strandpark – with the start and finish line at Kajakhotellet. Midsummer Vikings is the first and only 24-hour SUP race in the world and the teams participating will really have to push themselves to the limit. For 24 hours the competing paddlers will take turns paddling on the 5 km SUP route around Strandparken – both in daylight and in darkness. 75 teams will be competing this year, and we are so proud to say that Helgoland Surfers has two teams joining.

Team Helgos Unleashed: Charles, Christopher, Martin, Daniel, Marise
Team Helgoland Pirates: Nico, Alexander, Philip, Nikolaj, Sasha















We encourage everyone to stop by during the weekend of June 19-20th to cheer on our two teams – and if you want to help keep them safe, sign up to be part of the Helgoland Safety Crew here.

Please be aware that there are two race SUP-boards at the club which are reserved for the two Viking teams as they are practicing for the race. Until the Midsummer Vikings race is over, those boards are off-limits.


6. Important dates

June 12th: Helgoland Surfers Housewarming 

June 19-20th: Midsummer Viking Challenge

June 24-27th: Club trip #2 to Samsø

August 26-29th: Club trip #3 to Langeland

August 14th: Helgoland Surfers Summer Party

September 23-26th: Club trip #4 to Hvide Sande

October 15-17th: Club trip #5 to Mols

December 11th: Helgoland Surfers Christmas Party



That's all for now, see you at the club or on the water.

All the best

Helgoland Surfers