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Club Trip #4 - The trip of trips! Hvide Sande, DK.
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Here we go with the highlight of the year, the Helgoland Surfers West Coast Trip!


We meet at the club Thursday 2019-09-26 at 15:00 h sharp. We have rented a gear van, it will be driven by Vale Den with Fabricio Lucchesi as co-driver. Departure in private cars as soon as everything is packed. Transportation details will follow. Please organise yourselves if you cannot depart with the main party. Club pays petrol and bridge for private cars filled with members and gear. We plan to return to the club in the early evening of Sunday 2018-09-29.


Huts at Hvide Sande Camping, Karen Brands Vej 70, Aargab, 6960 Hvide Sande. Bring towels, sleeping bag or linen. We are in the big luxury huts this year, numbers 51 - 53 and 55 – 58 (all 7 adjacent, 6 persons per hut). Accomodation details will follow. Hut check-out time is 11:00h on Sunday. Hut location on camping site, check this link: http://hvidesandecamping.dk/cms-assets/documents/pladskort-hvide-sande-camping.pdf

Surf Spots

Just next door is Westwind Syd, a great spot. There is a sauna and showers. On the other side of Hvide Sande is Westwind Nord, also with sauna and more abundant, shallow water. For more advanced surfers and kiters, there are several other good wave and flat-water spots nearby.
Food and Drinks

Due to the large number of participants, each individual hut is responsible for food and drinks by itself. This applies to all meals also during the day. Feel free to organise common restaurant visits or cooking with other huts/participants.


Daniel and Per constitute the duumvirate responsible for taking common decisions on when to go where etc. Decisions will be posted on this event. We will try to surf together, but prevailing conditions may result in parties going to separate spots.

Entertainment and Socialising

Free entrance to Hvide Sande Swimming Pool is included: Bring a swimsuit. After dinner each evening, we can meet at Cafe Marina, Toldbodgade 20, 6960 Hvide Sande for drinks and socialising. Other bars are available. Saturday, some may head to Bork for the Blow-out sale and stay for roasted pork: https://www.facebook.com/events/1512713038868551/ Due to large number of participants, no other common entertainment has been planned.


Members can borrow club gear but have the responsibility to rig it and check the state of the gear prior to departure, to pack it and finally to put it back in its place in the containers upon returning.

See you all for a fantastic trip!

Your Helgo-Trip-Team.
42 /42
26.09.2019 kl. 12.00 - 29.09.2019 kl. 22.00
Hvide Sande
559,00 kr.
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