Who are we?
A surf club run by members on a voluntary basis as we live and breathe wind and salty seawater.
What can you expect as a member? 
Once you have paid your membership fee and for new members the entry fee you will have access to:
- Windsurfing equipment (boards and rigs).
- SUP boards.
- The windskating-kit and our longboards.
- If you have sufficient kitesurfing skills and you have been “vetted” by our Kite Boss you will also have access to the kitesurfing equipment.
- Training/Instruction by our team of instructors (Especially Beginner Level)
- Possibility to rent storage boxes for gear.
- Member discounts at surf/skate stores in CPH.
Furthermore, we are an active club with rich social life so you can expect BBQ evenings and events, Clubtrips to spots both home- and across the borders and all sorts of social activity – Our Members make the club!
What we expect from you as a member:
That you are responsible and take really good care of our gear (it is expensive stuff!).
That you have respect for the sea and that you know your own & the equipment's limits.
We will all be there to guide you, so don’t be afraid to ask. 
We also expect that you will take an active part in the club's life (i.e. participate in our work days) and help keep the club looking nice.
Respect the club rules - It is also your club. Once you become a member, be sure to familiarise yourself with our "VEDTÆGTER". You will find the link in the Members' Area (General Information).
It’s a surfclub and we spend a lot of time on water. You are expected to be able to swim at least 200m. You will wear your swimming/surf vest (or borrow one of the club’s) when on the water – You may take it off on terra firma :-)
How do you join?
It is mandatory to have said “Æloha” to us at one of our INTRO EVENTS.
Once upon a time they used to be casually held each last Tuesday of the months from April to August, however...
...because of such big interest in the club (and Corona restrictions) since 2020, we were forced to introduce new procedures for these events. For current status on INTRO EVENTS, please follow this link: CLICK HERE
What does it cost?
Membership Fee (Annual) DKK 850.- (For the Season which runs from May to May)
Junior Membership (up to 15 years incl.) DKK 350.- (For the Season which runs from May to May)
Entry Fee (One-time) DKK 500.-
Become a Keyholder DKK 815.- (500 of which is a deposit)
Storage box Small DKK 500.- per season. (Boards of max 71cm width will fit)
Storage box Large DKK 700.- per season
Missing workday DKK 200.- (Charged at the end of Season)
*Passive Membership DKK 200.- (For the Season which runs from May to May)
*As a passive member you do not have a key, nor access to gear, but are welcome to participate in social
Prices listed are excl. of transaction fees imposed by our service providers.
For further questions you are more than welcome to contact us per Email