So... you would like to join Helgoland Surfers? We don't blame you!

To become a member it is mandatory to show up at an INTRO EVENT. Here we will tell a bit about the club and show you our facilities. Afterwards you will be presented with the opportunity to become a member.

At this point we have to be honest with you - the interest for our club is huge already and it keeps growing, so keep your eyes and ears wide open for the information about intro evenings. We would love to take you all in, but unfortunately we are limited by many factors. Stay tuned for the news about intro evenings.

STATUS FOR 2021 (updated in August):

Unfortunately we have reached our maximum capacity, so we cannot take more new members in 2021. Information about INTRO EVENTS in 2022 will be posted here in April.




We recommend all future members to complete a 5 lessons windsurf course at Copenhagen Surf School before showing up for our intro days. Copenhagen Surf School helps you go from beginner to winner in 5 progressive steps. During the 5 lessons windsurf course you will learn to windsurf back and forth with speed and to turn correctly which makes you a confident windsurfer.

Sign up here:

If you already know how to windsurf and have passed the beginner level, then keep reading: For you, Copenhagen Surf School offers a Master Class Program where you, amongst other things, learn to Jibe, Duck Jibe and Water Start in weekly lessons for 9 weeks duration. To attend the Master Class Program, you must have completed the 5 lessons windsurf course or have windsurfing experience from elsewhere that enables you to windsurf back and forth and to turn correctly. The Master Class Program is taught on stabile beginner boards with dagger fin and sails ranging from sizes 3,6-4,4.

Sign up for the Master Class here:

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon on the water!

          Helgoland Surfers