Welcome to the Helgoland Surfers newsletters and to a new season. Every month we’ll share news from the club, so you’re updated with the latest news and important dates to remember during the season.

We’re already off to a great start and not as affected by the covid-restrictions as we were last year. We hope this continues so we can have a long and good season. We of course have to remind you to keep an eye on the current restrictions and remember to use plenty of sanitizers whenever you’re in the clubhouse and using gear.

New gear

We’ve had a good clean-out in the containers to assess the gear. We’ve cleared out the old and bought new gear for both windsurfers and kitesurfers.


For windsurfing, we now have a wide variety of brand new sails from German Sailloft. We have curve, quad and cross sails ranging from 3.7 m2 to 6.5 m2 – in total 14 new sails.

As a new thing this year, we’ve decided only to have sails up to 5.0 m2 rigged in the sail container. We of course still have sails that are above 5.0 m2. Whenever you want to use those, you can find them in sail bags in the back of the sail container. You just have to rig them and you’re good to go.

The reason for this new disposition is that we expect to have a lot of beginners and from the past couple of seasons we’ve noticed that a lot of you want to use small sails. That’s why only the small sails are rigged. If you’re intermediate or prefer a larger sail, we expect you to know how to do a full rig, which is why they are now unrigged and in the back of the container.


For kitesurfing, we have a full set of switchblades 12, 9, 7 m2 and in addition, we’ve updated our 2020 Moto’s with 2021 versions with two sets of 12, 9, 7 m2.

The big news this season is a 14.5 m2 Ocean Rodeo kite in the new super material Aluula which is 10 times stronger, lightweight, and extremely stiff compared to Dacron.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped with the task of taking inventory and getting new gear. We will continue to assess the gear and see what we need in the future and have the budget for.


New members

The interest has been quite massive for new members to join. We have to make sure that we have capacity and gear enough for all members, so this season we are taking in 60 new members. As always, new members have to show up to our intro night. These are planned to be in May and in June. But due to covid restrictions, we will only have 30 aspiring members attend each intro night.

After the summer, we’ll evaluate if we have the capacity for any more new members this season.



As a little service, we’ve gathered some of the places where you can get an exclusive discount as a member of Helgoland Surfers. If you’re asked to show your membership card, you’ll find it in Klubmodul or in the Klubmodul app under your profile.

Severne/Starboard: 15% discount if you use the discount code “Helgoland Surfklub”.

One Open Sky: 10% discount in the store on equipment and 15% discount neoprene.

Kajakhotellet: 10% discount.

Café Båden: 10% discount.


Important dates

May 4: Intro night #1 for aspiring new members

May 8: Season kick-off and flea market at the club --> LINK TO EVENT

May 11: General assembly at the club

That's all for now, see you at the club or on the water.

All the best

Helgoland Surfers