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We hope you are all enjoying the summer and have had a chance to make the most of the long days, warm weather, and water. In this August edition of the Helgoland Surfers newsletter, we will as always keep you updated on news and everything happening in our fantastic club.



1. A new addition to our member deals 

As you may know, you get an exclusive discount at Severne, One Open Sky, Kajakhotellet, and Café Båden as a member of Helgoland Surfers. And now we have a new edition to that list. At the newly opened Frozen Palm Tree surf shop on Amager Strandvej 130N, you get a 15% discount on neoprene (not sales items) and a 10% discount on kitesurfing lessons. If you’re in the shop, make sure to show your member membership card which you’ll find in Klubmodul or in the Klubmodul app under your profile. And if you shop online, use the code ”helgoland5P9f2” to get your discount.


Check out all the other member deals we have in our new Members' Area on Helgolandsurfers.dk. 


2. New sponsor: Copenhagen Surf School

Copenhagen Surf School has become an official sponsor of Helgoland Surfers. Since the Surf School became our neighbors at Amager Strand, we have had a close relationship with them. And with this sponsorship, we hope to continue growing the great surfing community we have at ASP. For Helgoland Surfers the sponsorship means that the club will get a big discount on used gear from Copenhagen Surf School which means we can continue adding gear to our existing fleet of windsurf boards/rigs without compromising our budget.


In addition, all members of Helgoland Surfers get a discount on all courses available at Copenhagen Surf School and on their specialty beer. If you need more windsurf training or want to advance your skills, their courses are a great way to get better and improve beyond the beginner workshop that we offer at Helgoland Surfers.


Read more about the sponsorship, the different surf courses, and discounts in our Members' Area.


3. Club gear: New guidelines for windsurfing 

We are quite sad to say that we have seen an increase in damages to our windsurf club gear over the past year. The windsurf boards are quite often damaged which means that they spend a lot of time off the water because they need repair.

Luckily we have a dedicated group of volunteers that repair our damaged gear but with the current rate of damages, it’s simply too much. As always, we encourage you to check the gear before and after you go on the water. And if there are damages, please take a picture and send an email to helgolandsurfers@gmail.com or write in our Facebook group, so we know what happened to cause the damage.


Since we don’t know how all damages occur, we can only assume that some happen because members are not aware of which gear is suitable for their level. The gear may look a bit used due to wear and tear. But please know that our gear is expensive and that we don’t have a limitless budget to replace broken gear.


We have club windsurf boards at 5 different levels. And to make it easy for you to know your level, we have in collaboration with our instructors made an overview of what skills you should know before you advance from beginner to intermediate gear. We are doing this as an attempt to reduce the number of damages to the club gear, so please respect these recommendations.


Get familiar with the new requirements and info regarding windsurfing gear here. We will also have a printed copy in the clubhouse so you can always check before you select your gear.


Oh! And say hello to our new club mascot, the sea parrot Helgo. 





















4. Important dates

We love being social and this summer has been no exception. Here are some of the upcoming social events – the summer party on August 14th is closed for further sign-ups but there are still spots left on the next club trip to Langeland.

August 26-29th: Club trip #3 to Langeland (still tickets available) 

August 14th: Helgoland Surfers Summer Party (closed for sign-up) 

September 23-26th: Club trip #4 to Hvide Sande

October 15-17th: Club trip #5 to Mols

December 11th: Helgoland Surfers Christmas Party