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It’s September and as we’re heading into sweater weather, remember that fall brings its own special gifts. The beaches are no longer crowded with people, the water is still somewhat warm, and if we’re lucky the wind starts picking up. Here’s the September edition of the Helgoland Surfers newsletter.


1. Workday and gear repair update

On Saturday, September 11th we had a workday at the club. 11 members worked hard to brush the rust away from fins, bolts, and tools. They brushed the sand out of all the corners of the containers and washed sand and salt out of the booms and paddles. It’s very important that we avoid having sand in/on the gear and in the containers, so please make sure to rinse the gear in salt water or use a broom to remove any sand before putting it back in the containers.

We also added a new rubber floor in the container to avoid that boards are damaged as they go in and out of the container. But please remember that it’s up to you to take care of the gear.


As we wrote in the last newsletter, we have seen an increase in the amount of damaged gear. That can only mean that our surfers are very active, wuuuhu!! But it also means that we all need to pay attention to how we treat the gear. Here’s why: In the past 3 months, the 6 intermediate windsurfing club boards have been repaired at least once. 5 of them have been repaired more than once and 4 of them have more than 2 damages. The 2 competitors dedicated SUP boards have several damages at the moment and 2 other SUP boards need to be repaired as well.


The club's board, instructors, old members, and board shapers agreed on a user guide that we shared with you in the last newsletter. This guide is meant as a way to improve the club gear’s quality (and survival) over the years to come. So, please make sure to use this guide – and please ask if you’re unsure what gear is suitable for your level.


2. Pop-up shop: Helgoland Surfers Clubwear

For a limited time only, you can get your hands on some amazing Helgoland Surfers Clubwear. The Pop-up Webshop for Clubwear is temporarily open, so hurry up you want to get your hands on a Helgoland beanie, cap, or T-shirt. It’s all organic, non-print, and simply built to last. All pre-orders are taken until September 19th. The merch is meant to arrive in the clubhouse during October, where you’ll be able to pick up your order.


Get your Helgoland clubwear before September 19th right here: helgolandsurfers.dk/Shop 


3. New friendships: Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark

Since we all like the ocean, we’re excited to start showing it some love together with our friends from Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark. They are an environmental collective dedicated to protecting the ocean and will soon help us keep our dearest Amager Strandpark awesomely blue.


Come join us on October 3rd as we’ll host our first Beach Clean-up club event (we’ll add details on Facebook soon). We’ll have one of their ocean warriors to guide us through the fine art of waste picking and plastic sorting. One of their marine biologists will tell us about plastic and fish, and we’ll finish off the afternoon with coffee and homemade cake.

Read more about our friendship with Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark here: nordicoceanwatch.dk/helgoland-surfers, and stay updated on their Instagram

We hope you’ll get to like them as much as we do, and if you even get inspired with ideas, just contact us!

A little bonus info: Participation on October 3rd will count as a workday.


4. Important dates

September 23-26th: Club trip #4 to Hvide Sande (sold out)

October 3rd: Beach Clean-up with Nordic Ocean Watch
October 15-17th: Club trip #5 to Mols

December 11th: Helgoland Surfers Christmas Party


That's all for now, see you at the club or on the water.

All the best
Helgoland Surfers