Æloha Surfers 

It’s officially summer and while we’re still waiting for the sun and warmer days, the surf season is already in full gear. We have a lot of things happening at the club in June and here you can read the latest news and get a brief overview of what’s to come this month at Helgoland Surfers.


1. Club gear rules

First things first. We sometimes hear different interpretations and unwritten rules around the club – but we don’t really have any unwritten rules. So, to clear up any misunderstanding, we just want to clarify what the rules for club gear are:

  • All club gear is for members only. That means you cannot take friends, family, etc. out surfing, for a SUP trip or otherwise. But if they want to join you for a SUP trip, they can easily rent a SUP board at Copenhagen Surf School or Kajakhotellet.
  • Windsurf, wingsurf and SUP gear must stay in Amager Strandpark. That means that day- or weekend trips are not allowed. The only time this gear leaves the club is for our club trips. This rule doesn’t apply to kite gear, which can be taken away from Amager Strandpark on day trips.
  • And finally, club gear may not be used if the wind is 10 m/s or more.

Please respect these rules, they are for everyone’s safety – and to make sure our gear won’t get damaged.


2. Workdays 2022

At the general assembly, it was agreed that the fee for missing a workday was raised to 500 KR. We really hope that you will come and help out because we have a lot of workdays planned across the year - and hands are needed. Workdays are a great way to socialize with your fellow club members, and to show your support for the club - and need we mention that you save 500 KR.!!

Check out the schedule for workdays, click on the link for the workday or days you can participate in, and sign up right here: WORKDAY SCHEDULE 2022.

Make sure to sign up with your first and last name on the sheets and when you’re at the club, so we can register whenever you participate in a workday.



3. Housewarming

The summer is finally here, and we have a bunch of new club members that need a warm welcome. Come and join us for a meet and greet over a BBQ and celebrate the club on Saturday, June 11th from 16.30. The club will provide food for the grill, and our amazing bar master, Gunner will stash the club fridge, and you are also welcome to bring your own booze. Please note you have to sign up in Klubmodul to make sure you get dinner and the price for participating in this fantastic Housewarming is 100 KR. pasting

Please let us know if you can make it by Wednesday8 th. SIGN UP HERE.



4. Redbull Midsummer Vikings

Midsummer is fast approaching, and we are super happy to announce that we again have two amazing Helgo-SUP-teams that will participate in Redbull Midsummer Vikings on June 18th-19th. We hope you will come and cheer on our two teams as they paddle around Amager Strand for 24 hours – while raising money for charity.

We need help keeping them and the other SUP racers safe and we already have more than 15 helpful Helgos that have signed up as Safety Crew. But we still need to 2 or 3 more volunteers, for the spotting shifts on Saturday 18/6, 18-22 o’clock, and Sunday 19/6, 06-10 o’clock for the early birds.

Joining the Safety Crew is not only helping the club with financial support, we also get a SUP event with Casper Steinfath, and it will position us Helgos as part of Amager Strandpark. After all, who is better at cheering than us?

As part of the Safety Crew, you will keep an eye on the paddlers – that means that you have a walkie talky, and if something looks strange, you call the safety boat, which has professionals on board who will check on the paddler. You must be attentive, but it's an easy job – and you can cheer for the SUP racers throughout your shift. If you want to join, please reach out to Sylvie Braekevelt and Mareen Isabela Lúcuma on Facebook.


5. Club Trip #2 to Lynæs

It’s almost time for the second club trip of the season and this time we’re heading to one of our favorite spots – Lynæs.

Lynæs is about 2 km south of Hundested Havn and it’s a brilliant flat water spot that suits everyone from beginner to pro, windsurfer to kitesurfer.

The club trip will take place from June 24th to 26th, so make sure to sign up on the FACEBOOK EVENT HERE - where the sign-up date will be announced soon.


6. Important Dates

June 11: Housewarming

June 18-19: Redbull Midsummer Vikings  

June 24-26: Club Trip #2 to Lynæs 

August 20: Sand, Wind & Fire Festival (Summer Party)

September 8-11: Club Trip #3 to Varberg

October 6-9: Club Trip #4 to Skaven Strand

December 3: X-Mas Party  


That's all for now. We look forward to seeing you at the club or on the water.

All the best, Helgolands Surfers