Æloha surfers 

We hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the year. As you may have seen, you’ve been invited to our annual General Assembly on March 22nd, and if you want to get even more involved with the club, here’s your chance. This newsletter is all about available spots in the board and club teams.


1. Join the board

As highlighted in the invitation to the General Assembly, we have some open spots on the Helgoland Surfers board. For anyone interested in joining the board, we’ll have an information meeting in the clubhouse on February 9th, where you can hear more about the responsibilities of each role and ask any questions you may have. In case you can’t make it, here’s a little also a little bit of info about the different spots and the responsibilities. The spots we are looking to fill are:

  • Formand*
  • 1. Kasserer 
  • 2. Kasserer*
  • 2. bestyrelsesmedlem (med erfaring i windsurf)
  • Suppleant

*Our Chairman, Mette Bryder is up for election and has chosen to step down. The members of the board recommend that Karen Risvig (currently 2. Kasserer) replaces Mette as chairman as she has been a big part of the 2025+ Project. If Karen is elected, the spot as 2. Kasserer will be free. Having said that, anyone wanting to run for chairman is of course welcome. 

The Chairman has the overall responsibility for all communication and dealings with Københavns Kommune. This task is, needless to say, very important right now and in the coming years because of our 2025+ Project and fundraising. The Chairman also oversees that the club complies with all expectations from Københavns Kommune and the requirements of our lease, i.e., membership numbers, distribution of gender, age, etc., and our youth department.

1. and 2. Kasserer share the responsibility of all our financial dealings and make sure that we keep the budget. They manage all our payments and ensure that all deposits and withdrawals are registered in our accounts. Just to name a few, this includes registering workday participation, membership fee payments, and refunding members’ key deposits and payments for club trips – and of course always making sure that all invoices are paid. Our accounts are submitted every year at the General Assembly, audited beforehand in collaboration with the auditor, and submitted to Københavns Kommune.

2. bestyrelsesmedlem (with experience in windsurfing) will along with Gunnar keep an inventory of all the club’s windsurf gear. This includes keeping an eye on the condition of the gear, damages, and repairs – and all purchases and sales of windsurf gear in accordance with the club’s budget and strategy for windsurf gear. Another big task is pre-ordering gear for the next season and getting ready for our annual surf flea market.

The Suppleant is traditionally only an active member of the board in case another member for some reason can’t participate. But we do things a little bit differently at Helgoland, and because of the 2025+ Project, we expect the Suppleant to participate on equal terms with all the other board members (participating in our board meetings every two months and help handle the Helgoland mailbox 3x2 weeks per year).

If you’re interested in joining the board but can’t make it to the info meeting on February 9th, please reach out to any member of the board in case you have any questions about the different spots.


2. Our new party planner? 

The Tour&Event team has decided to split up into two teams, so each team can focus on what they do best. That means that the newly created Event team needs party-planning members to join. So, if you want to be a part of planning our housewarming, summer party, Christmas party, and whatever else you can think of, please join the Event team.

If you want to get involved with any of our other teams, you can always check out the club teams overview here: [Link to Club Teams overview]

And remember to keep an eye on the list of workdays, which will be updated with 2023 dates soon: [Link to workdays schedule]


3. Important dates

February 9: Info meeting on free board spots [Link to Facebook event]

March 22: General Assembly [Link to Facebook event]

We hope to see many of you at the General Assembly – and of course very soon also on the water. 

All the best Helgoland Surfers.