Æloha surfers

We are almost ready to kick off a new season on 1 May! But before we do, here is a little news from the club with everything you need to know, to get ready for a new season.


1. General Assembly

A big thank you to everyone that participated in our annual General Assembly on 22 March. If you didn’t attend the General Assembly, you can read a summary right here: HELGOLAND SURFERS GENERALFORSAMLING 2023 REFERAT.pdf

A lot of things were discussed and approved in the General Assembly and here are a few highlights: 

We are still working hard on our 2025 Project and securing a lease renewal, we will keep you posted when we have some more news. 

The annual membership fee for members under the age of 18 was changed to 250 DKK.

And we also welcomed three new members to the board and got a new chairman, so the board now consists of: 

Karen Skærelund Risving (Chairman)
Piotrek Wasilewski (Vice Chairman)
Louise Bro Pedersen (Secretary)
Lars Manfeld Andersen (Treasurer)
Dritan Cero (Treasurer)
Mads Christensen (Responsible for kitesurf gear)
Gunnar Stumm (Responsible for windsurf gear)
Johannes Portielje Manelius (Responsible for windsurf gear)
Therese Hansen (Alternate) 


2. Party Planners Needed

Our Tour & Event team has been split into two teams which means we have a brand-new Event Team that needs members. If you want to join the Event Team and help organize some of our fantastic parties like our housewarming, summer party, and x-mas party, please let us know. If you're interested in joining any of our club teams, you can see who to reach out to on the list in the Members' Area


3. Member Deals

As we are fast approaching the new season, a quick remember that we have some great member deals and discounts, in case you need new gear. You can see the list of deals in the Members' Area and in addition, Claudia Frers has just gotten us a new deal with Kaatsu Fitness Center. Their obligatory intro session costs 297 DKK but If you tell them know Claudia from Helgoland Surfers has referred you, you get this session for free. The intro session is non-binding but if you want to join the gym, you get an extra free month when you sign up for a membership. This offer lasts till 30 May.  

4. Check your card before May 1st

The payment for your membership fee is on 1 May, so please check that your payment card is up to date under your account in Klubmodul. For those of you with kids that are members, remember that the annual fees have changed and are now 250 DKK for members under the age of 18.

Payment for missing workdays is also on 1 May and if you’re still missing a workday for the 2022 season, you have one final chance on Saturday, 29 April. Check out the Important Dates below for more details.

5. Result of the Beach Clean-up Event

As you may know, Helgoland Surfers became a Clean Ambassador last year and we also have a partnership with Nordic Ocean Watch Denmark to help keep Amager Strandpark clean and trash-free. With the help of these amazing environmental awareness initiatives, we have tools for picking up trash on water and land at the clubhouse - and you are always welcome to use these for picking up trash around the club area and beach.

Yesterday we had a Beach Clean-up event at the club where we managed to collect 15.9 kg of trash (we collected 10.4 kg at our last clean-up event) which was sorted for recycling.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for helping us keep our club and Amager Strandpark clean - and the water awesomely blue.


6. Important dates

April 29: Workday: Club/sail clean up 

May 2: Official start day for our youth department

May 11-13: Club Trip #1 to Nakskov (sold out but there are still social tickets)

June 10: Housewarming

June 23-25: Club Trip #2 to Lynæs

September 7-10: Club Trip #3 to Varberg

October 26-29: Club Trip #4 to Skaven Strand

December 2: X-mas Lunch


That’s all for now. We look forward to the start of an amazing 2023 season!

All the best Helgoland Surfers