It’s finally summer and we’re off to a flying start to the surf season. Here’s a little update on what’s been going on in the club and what to look forward to. 

1. Sail container 

A couple of weeks ago, we cleaned up the windsurf sail container and made a new numeral system. Sadly, that didn’t last long and we had to have another workday last Saturday to organize the container again. We don’t want to make a habit of that, so here’s what you need to know about the system. 

All sails, masts, and sail bags have been given a number which makes it very easy to pair everything. Simply de-rig, separate the mast, roll up the sail nicely, pack both in the bag with the same number - and place it in the rack according to size. Larger sails go in the back of the container, small sails in the front, and the mast extension is placed in the rack in the very front of the container.

2. BBQ & Housewarming this Saturday

This Saturday we are kicking off the season with a housewarming party and BBQ. Here you have a great opportunity to meet new members, say hi to old members, and just mingle, chill, and have fun. The weather forecast looks like it’s blessing us with both wind and sun, so join the fun. The BBQ starts from 18:00 - oh and it’s only 50 DKK to join.

Sign up on Klubmodul right here [LINK TO SIGN UP] the deadline is June 7th. 

If you’re not joining the BBQ and eating with us, you are of course still welcome to join later, bring your own drinks or buy from the clubhouse fridge.

3. More members to the event team

And speaking of parties, we still need some more members to join the Event Team. So, if you want to help plan and make our upcoming summer party and Xmas party even more festive, please let us or Kathrine Storm know.

Our events have become pretty legendary but they don’t plan themselves, so please get in touch if you want to help make these happen. All help is appreciated: planning, organizing, or just coming up with great ideas, so please join this team and help us make sure we have even more fantastic parties.

4. Workdays 

We still get questions on how and where to sign up for workdays, so here’s a little reminder. You can always see the calendar for upcoming workdays in the members’ area on the website [LINK TO WORKDAY CALENDAR] - remember you need to sign in to see this).

When we have workdays we will notify you in our members' Facebook group and Klubmodul. If you’re joining a workday, you need to sign up for the event on Klubmodul - and also register when you show up to the workday, we’ll always have a piece of paper where you can write your name, so we can register that you actually participated.

The fee for a missing workday is 500 DKK and all you have to do to avoid paying that fee is participate in one workday during the season. Having said that, you are of course more than welcome to join more workdays - that just gives you better surfing karma. 

In case you are not able to join any of the workdays during the season, you can also clean the clubhouse, organize the containers, or do whatever you see that needs to be done or fixed. Just remember to document with a picture or video, send it to info@helgolandsurfers.dk and we’ll register it as a working day.

5. Important dates

June 10: Housewarming [LINK]

June 23-25: Club Trip #2 to Lynæs (Sold out but there are still Social Tickets)

August 12: Sand, Wind & Fire Festival (summer party) 

September 7-10: Club Trip #3 to Varberg

October 26-29: Club Trip #4 to Skaven Strand

December 2: X-mas Party


That’s all for now, we hope to see you on Saturday, at the club or on the water soon.