Æloha surfers

Hope you’ve had a great summer so far, luckily it’s not quite over yet - and we still have lots of club trips, parties, and fun stuff coming up. Here’s a little update on what you can look forward to in the coming months.

1. Summer Party

This Saturday, August 12, we are having our annual Summer Party at the club. We'll repeat the amazing SAND, WIND, AND FIRE theme from 2021 with sculptures, fire, awesome food, groovy tunes (by DJ Martin), and much more.

If you didn't get a ticket for Saturday, don't worry - you're still welcome to join after 20:00 - and you're also welcome to bring friends. We hope to see you dressed in your best costume, or just in good spirits and ready to party. You can bring your own drinks or buy beer or soda from the clubhouse fridge.

2. Club trip #3 to Varberg

If you want to see how Kattegat compares to Øresund and Amager Strandpark, you should join club trip #3 to Varberg from September 7-10. There are still a few Tickets left - and also a lot of Social Tickets if that’s more your vibe.

We’ll soon be opening the sign-up for club trip #4 to Skaven Strand from October 26-29, so keep an eye on your inbox, if you want to get your hands on those tickets.

3. Club gear rules (reminder)

We also want to give you a friendly reminder that club gear is for members only. We do still occasionally see some members bring their friends out on club gear,  and we have to remind you that this is a big no-no. It’s also clearly stated in our club rules - and grounds for exclusion from the club - and we would really hate to have to enforce that. Our club rules are not only meant to protect the club gear from damage, it’s also a matter of safety, so please respect them.

In case you’re not familiar with or forgot, here are the rules for club gear:

  • All club gear is for members only. That means you cannot take friends, family, dates, etc. out surfing, on a SUP trip, etc. 

  • Windsurf, wingsurf and SUP gear must stay in Amager Strandpark. That means that day- or weekend trips are not allowed. The only time this gear leaves the club is during club trips. This rule doesn’t apply to kite gear, which can be taken away from Amager Strandpark on day trips.

  • And finally, club gear may not be used if the wind is 10 m/s or more.

4. Youth Tuesdays

Our youth department is back after the summer holiday and ready to start their training again every Tuesday from 18-20.30. They will be on the water from August 15 and every Tuesday until the end of September. If you’d like to help them rig, get safely on the water, and de-rig after training, you’re welcome to help. Helping out on Youth Tuesdays counts as a workday, just let us know if you want to give a helping hand on a Tuesday. 

5. Free windsurfing class with Copenhagen Surf School

Do you need to brush up on your surfing skills or just get a few tips on your tricks and turns? Then you should join the windsurfing class on Saturday, August 26 with Rasmus and Ole from Copenhagen Surf School. They are giving Helgo-members a 2 hour free windsurfing class and the only thing you have to do is to sign up in Klubmodul.

6. Limited access to the club in week 33

Lastly, we want to remind you that Ironman is coming up which means that access to the club - and the water will be somewhat limited. Ironman is on Sunday, August 20 but they’ve already started setting up. As usual, you can expect to have limited access by car to the parking lot in the days leading up to Ironman. And the same goes for access to the water, where you may need to carry the gear a bit longer to get around the various barriers and fences. 

7. Important dates

August 12: Sand, Wind & Fire Festival (summer party) 

August 26: Free windsurfing class with Copenhagen Surf School (SIGN UP IN KLUBMODUL)

September 7-10: Club Trip #3 to Varberg (SIGN UP IN KLUBMODUL)

October 26-29: Club Trip #4 to Skaven Strand

December 2: X-mas Party


That’s all for now, we hope to see you on Saturday, at the club or on the water soon.