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Autumn is in full swing and as you know this means more wind for us! As the season shifts and we jump from our 4/3 to 6/4 mm wetsuits, the surfing season is far from over - and here are some of the latest news from your favorite surf club.


1. Club Trip #4 to Skaven Strand

It’s time for the legendary last club trip of the season and the destination is, of course, and as always, the windy West Coast of Denmark. Skaven Strand is a super nice and windy spot, catering to all levels of surfing in shallow, flat waters.

Just like last year, the accommodation is well-equipped summerhouses that are within walking distance to the beach and the best surf spots. There are still tickets available, but registration ends on Wednesday, October 18th, so hurry up if you want to join – and as always you can also opt for a Social Ticket instead.

Get your Club Trip ticket before October 18th here [LINK TO KLUBMODUL] 

And your Social ticket before October 25th here [LINK TO KLUBMODUL]   


2. Christmas Party 

Another definite highlight and not-to-be-missed event is our annual Christmas Party. If you haven’t already, please save the date and put a huge X in your calendar on Saturday, December 2nd. This year the Christmas Party will be a nice intimate gathering with only Helgoland Surfers, and we already have the venue booked, now everything else just needs to be planned and organized.

If you want to help the Event Team plan our Christmas Party, or you have some fun activities, quizzes, or entertainment you’d like to organize, please let us know.

Until then, join the Christmas Party event [HERE] on our Facebook group to be the first to know when the tickets are released.

3. Your Surf Club Needs You

Speaking of planning and organizing, we need more help in our Club Teams. Remember that our club and everything from our club trips, parties, gear maintenance, and repairs - to our youth department, instructors, clubhouse decoration, and fundraising for the new clubhouse– well, basically all activities at the club are only possible with the help of members that volunteer their time and energy on making this happen (HUGE APPLAUSE TO ALL OF YOU BTW). 

These hardworking people don’t have unlimited resources of energy, or time for that matter – and we constantly need some new and fresh energy to join and help out in our Club Teams. The more hands, ideas, and help, the better, so please consider joining one of our teams, or let us know if you want to give a helping hand on the next club trip, party-planning-extravaganza, raise funds for our new clubhouse, etc.  

If you want to join, check out the different Club Teams on Klubmodul [HERE] and see who you should get in touch with. 


4. Remember your member deals

We may be approaching the last months of the year, but the surf season is far from over! If you need a couple of more millimeters of neoprene to keep you warm in the coming colder months, remember that you get a great discount as a Helgoland Surfers member at Kajakhotellet, One Open Sky and Frozen Palmtree.  

Check out the different discounts and member deals on Klubmodul [HERE]. 


5. Important dates

October 26-29: Club Trip #4 to Skaven Strand [Sign up and get your ticket on Klubmodul]

December 2: Christmas Party


That’s all for now, enjoy the windy autumn weather!