Æloha Surfers!

Spring is finally upon us, and with it comes the promise of a thrilling new season of surfing. After enduring the long winter months, we're eager to dust off our wetsuits and dive back into the waves of Øresund. But before we embrace the refreshing waters, here are the latest updates from our beloved surf club.

1. Last Chance for Your 2023 Workday

As the new season commences on May 1st, we'd like to remind everyone that both the annual fee and the fee for any outstanding workdays will be charged on this date. Don't miss this final opportunity to fulfill your workday obligation and save 500 DKK in the weeks ahead.

Saturday, April 13th, 10:00 AM: Beach Clean-Up

Join us this Saturday for a beach clean-up in collaboration with Danmarks Naturfredningsforening as part of "Affaldsindsamlingen 2024." Participating in this event will count as a workday, so grab your best surf buddy, head down to the clubhouse, and let's keep our surroundings pristine. Oh, and don't forget to bring your own gloves!

Saturday, April 20th: Kiters Ready for Summer

Join us on April 20th to ensure our kite gear is in top condition for the upcoming season. Your participation will count as a workday, and together we'll inspect and clean the kite containers to ensure everything is in shape for the new season.

2. Helgo Hangout Every Thursday

This season, we're placing a renewed focus on fostering our club's social life and introducing our new weekly club night - Helgo Hangout! Join your fellow surfers every Thursday at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse for a relaxing drink, bring your own food, cutlery, etc. for a BBQ session, or just come to hang out.

Our weekly Helgo Hangout kicks off on Thursday, May 2nd, at 6:00 PM. We envision this becoming a regular fixture, but we need your help! If you want to host a Helgo Hangout, make sure that the fridge is stocked, fire up the BBQ or whatever other great ideas you may have, you can reach out to Henriette Nellemann Sørensen or simply show up on May 2nd to learn more. Hosting a Helgo Hangout will count as a workday.

3. New Members

With a new season comes the arrival of new members! We anticipate welcoming approximately 50 new surfers, spanning wind and kite of all skill levels, genders and ages, to our vibrant community. Sign-ups closed on March 27th, and we're in the process of organizing introductory evenings for our new members. Let's extend a warm welcome to these fresh faces at our Housewarming event on Saturday, May 4th.

4. Club Trips

Our Club Trip Team has been hard at work planning exciting excursions for the season ahead. We anticipate 2-3 (possibly 4) trips, with the first two already on the agenda:

5. General Assembly

Our annual General Assembly on March 19th was a resounding success, with members engaging in lively discussions and partaking in delicious pizza. If you missed out, you can catch up by reading the summary [LINK TO SUMMARY]. Here are some key highlights:

  • No changes to the annual fee, which remains consistent across all membership categories. The annual fee will as always be charged on 1 May.

  • We welcomed a new board member, Cecilie Bay Wirenfeldt, who replaces Piotrek Wasilewski as Co-Chairman. We want to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to Piotrek for his time as a board member and former chairman of the club.

  • We've received valuable feedback from our recent membership survey with 105 responses. We plan on implementing several suggestions, including some much-needed updates to our website and more easy ways to find information. If you want to see all the responses and results of the survey, you can check them out here: [LINK TO MEMBERSHIP SURVEY]

  • Progress continues on Project2025 and our goal is to finalize a new lease agreement with Københavns Kommune during this season. We'll keep you updated on any developments. Our next significant step is securing funding for a new clubhouse. Recognizing the complexity of this task, we've enlisted a professional consultancy, Primus Motor, to assist us. In the upcoming months, the board will collaborate closely with them, and during the summer, we'll require assistance from members in writing funding applications. If you're interested in joining our fundraising group, please let us know. 

  • Our Youth Department will continue to host workshops every Tuesday. And we need assistance in preparing the kids for surfing. If you're available to help with rigging, carrying gear, or de-rigging on Tuesdays, please reach out to us. Your involvement will count as a workday.

  • Finally, we're still on the lookout for additional support in our club teams. So, we strongly encourage you to get involved in any way you can. Whether it's planning events like our summer party or assisting with club trips, your contribution is essential. No volunteers means no social gatherings, it's that simple. Explore the different Club Teams on Klubmodul and reach out to the board or the responsible person in each group if you're interested in joining or helping out. 

6. Important dates 

April 13th: Beach Clean Up [LINK TO FACEBOOK EVENT]

April 20th: Kiters Ready for Summer [LINK TO FACEBOOK EVENT]

May 2th: Helgo Hangout - the first of many! 

May 4th: Housewarming 


June 7-9th: Club Trip #2 to Lynæs: Sold out but you can still [SIGN UP FOR SOCIAL TICKETS ON KLUBMODUL]

August 10th: Open House

August 24th: Summer Party

December 7th: Xmas Party

That's all for now! See you soon at the club or in the water.